Let's Go Plum CraZZZy!


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We are so excited to have captured the Prince of Plums in our newest stone fruit jam! The boutique varietal Candy Rosa plums have a succulent candy flavor that truly tastes of summer. We’ve preserved them with just a hint of lemon to highlight their pure deliciousness.

Want to feel royal? Enjoy Plum CraZZZy straight out of the jar on a spoon just like kings, queens and princes of yore!  Of course, it's also scrumptious spread on morning toast or swirled into yogurt. Add another dimension to grilled foods by using it to glaze shrimp, chicken & pork. Serve with charcuteries or as an easy dip! Add a spoon to champagne for a little je ne c’est quoi or just drizzle on ice cream to instantly elevate any dessert. 

Net Wt. 11 oz. 312g

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