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Sprinkle JOY. Spread LUV.

Savor every bite!

This year's “Holiday Gift Set” is HOT!

We've tastefully curated a selection of some of our spiciest handcrafted seasonings, jams and salts to enhance heat at each meal! 

Spice up cheese platters, drinks and sides with "Calipenos," our sweet and spicy jalapeno rings. Add rich smokiness to turkey and other main dishes with "Kojo" seasoning. Make a flavorful fall cobbler with "Plum Crazy" signature jam. Enliven mashies and more with "Herbs of Summer" seasoning. And, enhance desserts, salads and more with a flourish of "Shades of Grey" our pristine French sea salt.

This tasteful collection includes the following items along with a complete menu of original recipes artfully packaged and ready for gifting. 

(1) Shades of Grey- Gourmet Salt
(1) Sriracha Cha - Gourmet Salt
(1) Plum Crazy - Gourmet Jam
(1) Calipenos - Gourmet Pickles
(1) Herbs of Summer - Gourmet Salt-Free Seasoning
(1) Kojo - Gourmet Seasoning for Anything

(Because of the artisanal nature of our products, on occasion, a substitution may be made to complete an order.)


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