Sleepers VIP Subscription


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Treat a special someone or even yourself to Sleepers VIP Subscription!

As a subscriber, you will be treated to our original seasonings, jams, salts, jams and snacks delivered right to your door all year long! You can savor or gobble these delectable concoctions knowing you have more coming soon!

Your subscription begins with a welcome package which includes an assortment of (3) products* along with original recipes suggestions for sampling and savoring the flavors. Then, every other month you will receive another delicious package for a total of:

13 products for a Year Subscription!
7 products for a 6 month Subscription!
4 products for a 3 month Subscription!

(Shipments are sent during the 1st week every other month. Membership includes all shipping and handling. *2 products in each shipment w/3 month subscription.)


Note: If you purchase your subscription in December, the 1st package ships the first week of January. 

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