Sel de Fume - Gourmet Sea Salt


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'Sel de Fume' is the exquisite result of cold smoking premium French Fleur de Sel over aged oak Chardonnay wine barrels. The slow smoking process and crisp, pleasant minerality of the chardonnay smoke meld perfectly with the moist, delicate 'Sel de Fume'crystals and produces a smoky, slightly tart, savory salt. Ideal in French cuisine, 'Sel de Fume' is a wonderful addition to herb blends for fresh grilled seafood and vegetables, soups, stews, and sauces—even salted caramel sauces for ice creams and desserts. One of the easiest and most mouthwatering ways to add a taste of luxury to your recipes, a pinch of Fumée de Sel here and there will have you wanting to add it to any and every dish.