2021 Holiday Gift Set


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Celebrate the season with some of our favorite flavors!

The “Holiday Gift Set,” is a tastefully curated selection of seasonings, jams, and salts ready to enhance holiday recipes and everyday meals.

Elevate cheese platters with a slather of our lusciously rich Fig LUV jam. Spice up birds with our "Fowl" Seasoning. Tickle taste buds with a spoonful of Tangerine LUV in cocktails. Enhance desserts and salads with the piquant taste of Salt of the Vine.

This flavorful collection is artfully packaged and ready for gifting and includes original recipes and the following items:

(1) Salt of the Vine - Gourmet Salt
(1) Pacific Blues - Gourmet Salt
(1) Fig LUV - Gourmet Preserve
(1) Tangerine Luv - Gourmet Jam
(1) Fowl - Gourmet Mediterranean Seasoning
(1) Pure Paleo - "S&S" Free Gourmet Seasoning

(Because of the artisanal nature of our products, on occasion, a substitution may be made to complete an order.)