Fig LUV - Gourmet Preserve "Limited Edition"


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Ah...figs! Historically known as the most ancient plant cultivated by humans. Not quite a fruit, this unique scion with its honey like flavor has been savored for thousands of years.

Our original recipe is crafted from a trio of figs, Mission, Peter’s Honey and Tiger harvested at their peek. We steeped them in a bath of rich California Brandy with just a hint of lemon to create a deep, intoxicating flavor bold enough to stand up to the heartiest of cheeses and breads. 

Indulgent? Yes. Luxurious, but of course! Fig LUV™ is a delight in many dessert preparations and as a glaze, marinade or dressing mixed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. One taste will only leave you wanting more. 

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