September 20, 2018

We recently had an opportunity to attend the epic 10th anniversary of the Los Angeles Scotch Club's "Peatin' Meetin," held in the beautiful garden of the historic Union Terminal in downtown Los Angeles.


More than 200 scotch enthusiasts gathered to experience peated whiskeys, devour peat-smoked bbq, sip peated beer and enjoy the live Celtic/Irish music of The Peatheads. There was even dancing!

The Peatheads 

You may or may not know that peat is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter. It is unique to natural areas called peatlands, bogs, mires, moors, or muskegover. Many bogs have been in existence for thousands of years. The Scottish and Irish harvest and burn peat as an energy source, in the same manner we use coal. When used during the Scotch making process peat imparts a unique smoky flavor that is the feature of the Peatin’ Meetin.'

 Christina with the 'Peat Monster' searching for empty glasses...

As a board member of the 'Museum of the American Cocktail' (MOTAC) Christina hosted an information table for the museum and also served an original punch that incorporated the well peated Finlaggan - Old Reserve Islay Single Malt Scotch.

Not being familiar with the qualities of peat, Christina did some research for her recipe and was inspired to create a punch with a wink to the classic Kentucky Derby cocktail, the Mint Julep. 

On this warm, end of Summer evening, the "Sleepy Peat's Julep Rose Punch" was a refreshing hit! Especially after the guests had just tasted numerous peated whiskeys. The effervescence of the sparkling wine combined with one of our newest jams, "Freshly Minted Rose" blended with the scotch created a taste that guests enjoyed sipping throughout the night. Many guests requested the punch recipe so we are including it here. 

We had a fantastic time sharing smiles, laughs, delicious food, lively music and great scotch with the members of the club and their guests. The Museum of the American Cocktail here in Los Angeles hosts many tasting events and dinners. We hope that you'll join us at one someday soon.  

 Sleepy Peat's Julep Rose Punch     

1/2 cup     Sleepers Freshly Minted Rose Jelly

 1   cup     Finlaggan Old Reserve Whisky (or substitute your favorite))

 2   cups    Prosecco or other sparkling wine - chilled

 6   cups    Soda water - chilled (more or less to suit your taste)

                  Bitters (more or less to suit your taste)

                  Fresh Mint Sprigs and Rose Petals

In a mixing cup combine the Freshly Minted Rose Jelly with the Whisky (or Whiskey) and shake to blend. Transfer to your punch bowl and add the Prosecco and Soda Water. Add 4 dashes of bitters give a quick stir fill the bowl with ice and serve with a fresh mint sprig. 

Floating some mint and fresh rose petals in the punch will add a beautiful accent.


The Sleepers.

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