September 25, 2019

It's just about that time of year that we start smelling the sweet smells of cinnamon... nutmeg... and the one scent that everyone loves: pumpkin spice.

For a version of this seasonal classic treat at home that's different than what you'll find at any ol' coffee shop, use your favorite coffee beans, your "creamer" of choice, and our newest edition to the spice family, PS...LUV. 

This recipe makes however many cups you are making, whether you are using a French press, coffee maker, etc. 

For the sake of ingredients, this recipe is edited to be suitable for 2 cups of delicious coffee.


2 cups of freshly brewed coffee 

1.5 tbsp PS... LUV

creamer to taste 


Pour coffee and creamer into blender.

Sprinkle in the PS... LUV

Blend until desired frothiness.

Pour & serve topped with a sprinkle of PS...LUV, and maybe a spritz of whipped cream. 


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