October 19, 2020

It takes awhile for it to feel like autumn in SoCal because unlike most of the US, we experience many gloriously warm, balmy days. But that doesn't stop us from craving fall flavors. So in a quest to capture a true taste of harvest time, we created the "Figatini." This original recipe cocktail is a flavorful concoction of home-crafted fig and citrus liquors, but you can make it with many of the commercially available specialty spirits on the market. So, whether you're chilling inside by a roaring fire or unwinding outside on a warm night, toast the season figaliciously. 

Serves 2


1 1/2 ounces Limoncello 

3 ounces Fig Vodka*

4 ounces Purple Reign Tea, chilled

2 ounces Fresh Lemon Juice

2 teaspoons Tangerine LUV Gourmet Jam

Suggested Garnishes: lemon twist, sprig of lavender, slice of fig



Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker. Shake well. Add ice and give another few shakes to make it good and frothy.

Strain into martini glasses, garnish and enjoy.




"Figenza," imported from Europe and "Black Fig," made in the USA, are two of the fig infused vodkas that are readily available in most liquor stores.



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